Advantages of a Stretch Ceilings

The most important and significant advantage of stretch ceilings is, of course, their durability. The materials used to create stretch ceilings are able to maintain durability for a long time, do not lose their appearance, do not tend to fade and tarnish

Black Glossy Stretch Ceiling

Designers like to add notes of black to the overall design of the room, as it gives everything a touch of nobility and sophistication. That is why even a single or multi-level black glossy stretch ceiling looks simply exceptional, both in public and residential premises.

Stretch ceiling colors - how to choose the right one

Traditionally, the ceilings in the houses were painted white. Today, with the advent of new technologies and modern materials, it is possible to give these surfaces the most varied shade, apply drawings and photographs, make them of various shapes and even perforated. Such a variety of decor inevitably puts the owner of the house in front of the difficult task of how to choose the color of the stretch ceiling.