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Get creative with your ceilings and enhance the ambience of your home, office, or retail location.

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CE Certified

A+ , ECO Friendly

10 Years Warranty

Variety of Colors and Designs

Quick and Clean Installation


Basic Ceiling

Perfectly flat surface. Durability. Environmentally friendly material.You can choose materials such as Matt, Satin or Glossy.

Starry Sky

A technology that allows you to create an incredibly beautiful effect of the starry sky above your head..


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Art Perforated

A unique technology that allows you to turn a stretch ceiling into a work of art, which cannot be repeated using any other finishing materials. Art perforated is a construction of two or more stretch ceilings, one of which will be the background, and the other canvases with cutouts open up new possibilities for creativity and imagination of designers.

Double Vision

This technology allows you to expand the capabilities of a standard stretch ceiling with photo printing. With the light source turned off, the ceiling will represent one composition. By turning on the light, you can complement the illustration with an auxiliary image.

Art Print

Technology that allows you to add your own unique, inimitable style to the design of any room, due to high-tech printing on stretch ceilings. Millions of different images are available for drawing on canvases, ranging from vector abstractions to rich and vivid bitmap illustrations with high detail.

Why Stretch Ceiling?

  • Lifespan 25 Years

    The stretch ceiling is durable and lasts up to 25 years without changing its properties and appearance

  • Variety of Designs

    The stretch ceiling is durable and lasts up to 25 years without changing its properties and appearance

  • Integrates any Ceiling or Light Fixture

    For example pot lights, hanging chandeliers or fibre optics etc. We create large format backlit structures expanding the whole width of the ceiling or tiles with multilevel lights.

  • Fully Cleanable

    Care for the ceiling almost does not require effort - in case of contamination it is wiped with a napkin or a sponge

  • 100% Antimicrobal, Anti-Germ & Self-Deoderizing

    Powerful anti-germ, anti-fungus properties that will remain for the lifetime of the stretch ceiling surface. Ideal material for medical environments.

  • Quick & Clean Installation

    The installation process only takes a few hours, depending on the size of the room. There is little to no disturbance, the process is mess-free, and no furniture removal is necessary.


Blog and News

Here you can see plenty of interesting information about stretch ceilings.


Advantages of a Stretch Ceilings

The most important and significant advantage of stretch ceilings is, of course, their durability. The materials used to create stretch ceilings are able to maintain durability for a long time, do not lose their appearance, do not tend to fade and tarnish.


Black Glossy Stretch Ceiling

Designers like to add notes of black to the overall design of the room, as it gives everything a touch of nobility and sophistication. That is why even a single or multi-level black glossy stretch ceiling looks simply exceptional, both in public and residential premises.


Stretch ceiling colors - how to choose the right one

Traditionally, the ceilings in the houses were painted white. Today, with the advent of new technologies and modern materials, it is possible to give these surfaces the most varied shade, apply drawings and photographs, make them of various shapes and even perforated. Such a variety of decor inevitably puts the owner of the house in front of the difficult task of how to choose the color of the stretch ceiling.